Strange fill behaviour

I everyone,

I’m kinda freaking out here. Important task ahead but all of a sudden this is what’s happening when I try to “fill” a date. I checked and cleaned everything but I can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. I used the settings I’m used over a 100 times and I keep using the same wood every single time… (fill - 3750mm/in 75% power)

This appears to be a ‘lost motion’ problem.
What speed and power are you engraving the wood at?
The answer will likely be slow down and make sure belts are tight.

2000mm/min (not inch - max speed for this is 10.000) and power 60%

Select the text and select ‘Preview’ I would like to see the overscan and see if it’s close to the edge of the workspace.

It may be wise to look for loose components. if none of the software settings have changed, it’s possible that some hardware has shaken loose.

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