Strange fill strategy


Still learning, but I am facing a strange behaviour and cannot explain it.
I am doing something with 3 letters (3 numbers in fact but doesn’t matter). I asked to fill it and “all shape at once”. I was thinking that Lightburn would fill from bottom to top, or the opposite, all the letters at once.
But in fact, it started one, did not finish and jump to another, something doing twice at once but never finishing the pass from top to bottom or the opposite. So for each letter, it makes at least 3 or 4 passes (from bottom to 1/4, then from 3/4 to top, then from 1/4 to 1/2 with an other letter etc)
At the end, I have some artefacts that I think are due to that: I have more materials at the frontier of each pass.
What did I miss to make lightburn fill in one pass each form? (except to place each form in different layers)

It sounds like you enabled Flood Fill.

Indeed flood fill is activated (by default?)
With both answers I have room to improve my toolpath, thanks!

Flood Fill is not activated by default, but it will stay activated if you turned it on at some point, and don’t have LightBurn configured to reset the settings back to defaults.

:+1: well noted

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