Strange glitches in engravings

Hello, I have a Monor 7050 80w with ruida controller, and while fill I have strange issue. It looks like the lasser in some places fires with more power, on the bottom on the text. The fill is only text. Settings in photos. If anyone can help with these glitch I would be thankfull.

The glitch is in your wood selection. Different moisture content, density and color of the wood will cause different effects from the laser.

I know that some glitches are wood related, but these are little different. I attach another photo what I mean, for better understanding.

I am wrong twice a day, and I did just wake up :wink:

IMHO those are wood related. It may even be the glue layer of the plywood getting involved.

How are these grouped? You optimizing is set for groups individually

If you rotate the same piece of wood, does it follow the rotation?

It is highly unlikely it is Lightburn… it’s a common operation when engraving and a bunch of us have Ruida machines. This would have surfaced long ago, probably on the day of it’s release.

What kind of wood is it?

If it’s mdf, it does that kind of anomaly quite often… I’d have to vote with @JimNM as it being the material…

The only other option I can think of is broken hardware or a mechanical issue… doesn’t look like either of those.

Good luck


Thanks for Your answer. Its groped all together and the laser head swings over all text at the scaning.

Wood used is poplar-ply.

Will try to rotate the same piece by 90° and see the result.


Hello again, so I made some test and found out that these glitches are power related. I found out that if I set the power bellow 18% for fill, than it make these strange glitches, so I need use power 18+% for engraving.

Thanks for Your help :blush:

There are numerous manufacturers of tubes that state the power output of the tube. One of them is a 60W where they state the controllable output power from 12w to 60W, meaning they don’t expect it to be used with power of under 20%… Usually the larger the tube, usually the higher the lowest lase percentage.

My 40W will lase around 9%, but is dependent on temperature.

Thanks for giving us the solution… mark your thread solved… :+1:

Take care, have fun…


My 80w tube fires at 10%, but as you see engraves without problem only on 18% and more power.

Thanks everyone for help.

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Thanks and keep lasering :smiley:

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