Strange Homing behavior

I replaced a 6344 Ruida controller with a 6445 controller so I have no recorded files for it. When I start the machine it homes in the X axis and the behavior is like a CNC router table where it will find the limit switch and retract and then very slowly approach the limit again. I have never seen this behavior before- I haven’t been able to get RDworks to connect to the new controller to check if the homing is the same. Thanks Gene

That’s normal.

Thanks for replying Dave- I have 2 lasers and have setup 3 others over the years and never noticed that before- maybe the speed is very very slow so that it is noticeable now? Is there a setting somewhere that would affect the speed? Gene

Not sure which of the various speed settings would control the movement to the limit switches, but the back out and in is totally part of the homing sequence and probably hard written in the program. My old Top Wisdom and my new 6445G both do / did it. All switches, electronic or mechanical, have a gap in the make / break points. I’ve never paid much attention to see if it picks the make, break, or somewhere in the middle. I just let it do it’s thing and go from there.

Homing is a function of the controller itself - the software isn’t involved at all, so using RDWorks won’t affect it. There is a homing speed value in the vendor settings, and backing off then re-seeking is normal, as Dave says.

Oz, speaking of the Vendor Settings. How much difference between the controllers is there? I know the only difference between a 6445 and a 644X appears to be the display, and I would think that would be handled in the HMI interface. I’m wondering how far across various models would a particular backup copy of a vendor setting file work, or are they literally model specific.

I have two machines with the same controller.

One is a 1290, one a 6090.

The settings are quite a bit different.

The 1290 is old, using old stepper tech. The 6090 is new with hybrid steppers, etc.

But, the basic CNC settings are close to the same. Obviously things like step/mm are very machine specific.

Would my settings help as a starting point? (these are the stock-as-shipped settings).

6090config.lbset.txt (12.7 KB)

Thank you all, gents. And Bo- I will try your settings file. Gene

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