Strange Item On My Workspace

I’m sure this is something simple that others may have an answer to but it has me baffled. What is this strange item showing up on the left side of my LightBurn workspace?

And answers on what it is and how to get rid of it would be appreciated.

That is the currently reported location of your laser head.

I’d of sworn there was an option in settings to turn it off.

Thanks Colin. But I still don’t quite understand. I have never seen that appear before. Plus, I’m not connected to any machine.

Can it be removed?

I thought that as well Dskall.

I’ve looked everywhere in the program but can’t find anything that mentions laser head position indication.

Perhaps the Show Last Position button in the Laser window is pressed:


Duh? Now I’m feeling stupid.

That was this issue ednisley. I just never noticed it before.

Thanks for the help.

First time: “How can anybody know that?” :jigsaw:

Second time: “Oh, right, that again.” :man_facepalming:

Third time: “Everybody knows that!” :heavy_check_mark:

I’ve done the first time thing entirely too often. Welcome aboard …



I knew I saw it somewhere. I expected it in settings.