Strange lines using 40 co2 galvo

Trying to get to the bottom of the lines around the inner circles.

Using 40w co2 galvo. Bottom circle is cut 1st then the top then the outer shape. Can anyone help with why these lines are present please?

Are you referring to the short gray lines?


Yes i am. :grin:

Are they visible in the preview window? (Alt+P)

Is the photo showing the side facing the laser when the job was running or the underside?

Hi, its facing the laser. Not visible in preview.

It could be a stray reflection from the nozzle orifice:

-Inspect the inside of the nozzle for sign of recent erosion.

-Check your mirror alignment and remedy any loosely secured optics (including the focus lens).

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Sorry… I just noticed ‘galvo’ in the title - I had been thinking you were using the ‘Oculus 6090’ per your profile? Are you actually using a Co2 galvo?

Thanks for that, but its on a galvo laser…

Please run this test image, using the same settings I’d like to see what happens.


The only thing I can think of is that if the Edit > Device Settings, ‘Tickle Pulse’ is set too high perhaps it could be over exciting the tube - enough to mark the material where unintended if the speed is low enough.

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