Strange Text Editing

I’m having a problem editing a large body of text.

The cursor does not appear where the actual cursor is. In the first pic attached, you can clearly see where my cursor is located but when I hit the backspace, The letter T in the word BEFORE the cursor is deleted as you see in pic 2. The 3rd pic just shows how large the body of the text is.

I do not seem to have this issue with smaller text bodies. This is making it very difficult to edit many of my jobs. I’ve had this issue for several releases but just dealt with it and not posted this question. Any ideas?

Just a clarification…the icon you’re showing in that photo is the mouse icon…it’s where your mouse is pointing, but not necessarily where the editing cursor is. When you click the mouse, the editing cursor goes to where the mouse cursor is. Are you clicking before you edit?

Of course, even that still wouldn’t explain why the editing cursor is not visible. Perhaps it’s a color thing? Could the cursor color be getting set to the same as the text background?

Any chance you’d be willing to send us the lbrn project file for this so we can take a look? Hopefully it’s something easy enough to debug, but I’m unable to reproduce it.

In the meantime, select, then right click on the text you want to edit and choose “Edit Text Shape”. This will give you a normal text edit box to use - you can still pan and zoon the main design and you will see that the design text updates to match in realtime.

Gary, yes. My mouse cursor is just a small crosshair until I click which is when the red bar appears.

Sure, here it is.Darryel’s Gumbo.lbrn (418.2 KB)

I’m at a loss…it doesn’t show up as text for me at all

It is grouped together. You may need to ungroup it.

Yes…that allowed me to edit it. When I click into the text and start to edit, it edits in the correct location. LB 1.04; Win 10; PC.

I’m actually able to reproduce it with v1.0.04 - I’m going to poke @LightBurn about it since he’s way more familiar with the text rendering and cursor placement.

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I wonder why I’m not able to reproduce the problem, using the same file. Windows issue?

Unsure - it’s weird. I can only reproduce the issue with @Gene-Spradlin 's file and not a new one. We’ll look into it.

OK. All the info for debugging purposes: I did not have the font that was in that file and LB/Windows substituted its own. The text appeared backwards (flipped horizontally), which I’m assuming is a font issue, not a LB issue. I ungrouped the object and clicked into the text and was able to delete characters at the point of click.

Adam, I am using 1.02 currently but I’ve had this off and on since probably .0.94. It does not happen all the time but enough for it to be an issue. It only seems to be an issue with these large text files.

You’d need their font to reproduce it, I would imagine.

I agree - I can’t actually reproduce it yet in anything other than your file but everything I’m seeing definitely points to it being content specific.

You don’t actually, I was able to reproduce it without the fonts used before I installed them.

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Weird how it didn’t work for the other guy who tested it.

Hey Gene,
I found the the cause of the problem, but not sure of the actual root issue.

Looks like on the “3lb chopped boneless” line there are 3 leading tabs in the text that are not rendering in the output for some reason.

If you pick the “select” tool and right click on the text you can pick the “Edit Text Shape” tool

and it will show you a plain text read out of the shape that you can edit but easier than the rendered text.

Once I removed the leading tabs everything worked fine in the rendered text.

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Joe, thank you. Jason recommended using the text editor this morning on a FB page. I did not know that was available. Using it today, it is quickly becoming a favorite feature of mine. I am not sure what you’re talking about 3 leading tabs. I think you’re referring to the spaces. Would that have an effect on the rest of the text? I noticed this after Jason recommended the text editor and corrected the file.

The highlighted area here is actually tabs, not spaces

Since you didn’t use the Edit Text Shape window previously, the tabs likely came from wherever you copied the text from initially.

We don’t actually render tabs in text shapes, which is the problem. I’m working on a way of disallowing them entirely from the text.


I get it…but why was I able to edit this text (even though the font was substituted)?

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