Strange thing happen when i engrave "Fill groups Together"

I have been using our OMTech 1000x600 100w with built in Ruida controller for a couple of months now and pretty happy with its results. Mainly makeing signage for electrical panel doors.
Engraving using “Fill all shapes at once” works without a problem, however if i group varoius items of my project the choose to engrave using “fill groups together” sometimes strange things happen!
The laser head speed slows right down causing deep burns in places, then it seemingly randomly speeds up again.
Ocasionally it wont do it at all.
In the attached images, you can see deep burns in bottom of the P, top of the O shape, and top of the L.
Its more obvious to the eye than the camera.
Any ideas?

Just following along, the top of the O, bottom of the P, top of the L are outside a rectangle created by the rest of the letters (You didn’t mention the dot in the I) so possibly the power density is spread out over the whole of “Topline” until it reaches the top or bottom and then is only spread out over the 3 small areas. Maybe the small areas are not cooling down as fast or something like that. I’m not really familiar with how all that works but just judging by the photo.

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