Street Map labels

I am trying to apply labels to a city map to be laser engraved. Is there a way to omit the lines under the label? I have tried using the subtract and it isn’t working. I think it’s because the streets are not closed shapes. Is there a way to overlap the streets with labels? Thanks!

Please show what you are working and how you would like it to come out. From that, we can offer some suggested workflows. :slight_smile:

I can’t get my pictures to upload. That explains why I can’t get my Booleans keys to work. I’m a digital dumb dumb, lol. I’m trying to put labels on a street map and have the engraving under the words to not be there. I want to block out the engraving so the words show better.:woman_shrugging:

You can use your OS Copy and Paste to “upload” an image. While a bit more involved, you can also use this button to do the same: image

For the “labels”, you can use the ‘Edit Nodes’, and ‘Trim’ away the section of road / map elements for the label name. How was this map created originally? Most mapping tools provide control over these labels. Is that an option to help?

I will give that a try. I use snazzy maps and snip out the section of map that I want to use. I then trace it in lightburn. Thanks!

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