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Okay now I need to understand this work area thing. I set up lightburn with 200mm by 200mm. But after loading my picture or whatever and get it all inside the grid I use the move feature to see how it will cut within my space. Alot of the times my laser or Z axis will move to far or table will move to far. It also seems that right is left and left is right or sometimes its up and down. What is the story here???

I’m going to assume that your machine does not have homing switches. If this is not the case then please correct me.

In the case that it does not you should review this portion of the LightBurn documentation that discusses systems without homing switches:
Common Grbl Setups - LightBurn Software Documentation

The other portions of the document may end up being relevant to you a well since your system is a dual-purpose CNC setup.

That is correct no limit switches. I’ll review documentation and reply more later. Thank you. :sunglasses:

Okay got machine set to 0 like the article said. Had to change $10=1 to $10=0 . So now 200.0mm x 200.0mm is totally wrong. I measure 330 mm across the front inside to inside and lenghth of machine inside to inside is 300 mm. so how do I get lightburn to see these coordinates each time I bring up the program???

You can change the work size that LightBurn is aware of in Edit->Device Settings.

Very close to going off on my own. Is there a formula or a way to put say the measurements of a piece of plywood say 11.5 inches by 10.0 inches and then have pattern somehow center in that piece of plywood?? And wood it work the same way for a Tumbler??

Rotary is a whole separate beast that deserves separate consideration. There are lots of videos and discussions here on that.

This is where you’ll need to get intimate with understanding the various coordinates and job origin.

Read this over a couple of times. And when you think you understand it, read it again. Haha.
Coordinates and Job Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation

In general, absolute coords is going to be the most intuitive. If you get your “homing” process down consistently, you should be able to rely on your patterned plywood to accurately place items at least to around 1-2 mm.

First you do realize I don’t have any limit switches and I have my set origin and that is it.

Yes. I’m hoping you’ve internalized the process described for zero-ing out your laser.

If you follow that procedure reliably let’s say at the front-left of your frame, you should be able to use absolute coords reliably. Else, you could mark the center of your grid, always align the center of your job origin to that point, and use current position.

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