Stumped ! Over burns Lines all over the place. Lacer at 1% and speed at 6000. Can someone tell me what I am missing. I have had this for a week now! So new to the game. Thanks Percy

Hi Oz I had another look at the wiring and found my power from the laser to the control board was swapped for the TTL so I reversed them and it now works! Lovely, thanks for your help!

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Iā€™m going to guess that advice came from Facebook. Some of the suggestions I see there border on insane. :slight_smile:

Straight from the forum as far as I recall. I do watch some U-Tube videos, but the forum is where I can get topic specific answers which are much appreciated.
As an engineer I have to ask why this setting exists if power setting does the same thing. Either way, it works great for me (in my ignorance). Great to learn something new though, cheers.

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