Submit button hard to reach on iOS

Just a minor annoyance, but the submit button for a reply is very difficult to reach on my iPhone. It hides just behind the address bar, so tapping the button often performs the wrong action.

Not sure if this is something you can fix, but I thought it couldn’t harm if I mentioned it.

Is there a reason that the address bar is at the bottom of the screen and not the top? That’s a genuine question - I have an iPhone but I’m not sure what it takes to make that happen.

In any case, I recommend the DiscourseHub app. It’s what I’m using right now to type this :slight_smile:

It’s the default since iOS 15.

Thanks for that recommendation. Will definitely check it out. I prefer native apps.

That would do it! I need to clear some space out on my iPhone before I can upgrade to iOS 15.

DiscourseHub is honestly just a dedicated browser app for Discourse forums, but they work very well in a web browser, so it’s great :slight_smile:

I think Fig is more of a native app, just FYI.

Ah yes. Tried both. Fig is what I was looking for (using Fig to type this). Thanks!

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