Subscription update question

Hi, it’s almost a year since i bought LB. I purchased for my diode laser but in a few days I’ll get my co2 laser with ruida controller. I saw there is a payment update if you already have a diode subscription. But if i upgrade to co2 will i be able to use my diode subscription because I’ll use both lasers? In addition in a month or so my yearly subscription expires and i want to renew. What do you thing is better to do?
Final question is that I’ll have to use another pc for my new laser which i know it is possible. I’m between another pc or a laptop(i don’t know which of 2 will suit me better). If i chose the second pc and install LB but then i realize that i want the laptop will it be possible to uninstall from pc and install on laptop?
Thanks in advance!!!

Yes. You can use LightBurn with any number of devices for which you’re licensed.

These are independent activities. The DSP license addition provides the ability to use DSP controllers but it doesn’t extend the current update eligibility period. The renewal extends the update eligibility period but doesn’t change device types available. So you can do either of these as you need. Remember that extending your license before it expires gets you a couple of extra free months of validity so you definitely want to do that step before it expires.

That’s not a problem. You can deactivate a license from the computer itself or through the license management site.

Thanks for all your answers. So I suppose I’ll extend the license to include DSP and before the end of October I’ll renew my subscription.

Remember too, if you renew your license BEFORE it expires, you get 14 months of updates instead of 12, as outlined here:

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