Sudden invert of z axis

Hi All,
I am a few weeks into using the trial version of Lightburn with a Genmitsu 4040-Pro. I’ve had a great time with it to-date, until today.

I have everything set on my trusty MacBook Pro. I prefer the Mac when designing and for general use. Today, I needed to get work done so I had the idea to set up Lightroom on a fairly new PC laptop. This way I can design in comfort and send the files to the PC and carve away in the shop.

That’s the backstory. My first use on the PC, the y axis was reversed. I sent the $3=2 code and it fixed the X, but the Z became flipped. Down was up. I went to home it and it crashed the laser into the board. I toyed with the program settings for a bit and gave up.

I got the MacBook back to the shop and plugged it in. Now Z continues to be reversed. I’ve turned Z on and off in the Device Settings. I selected invert. It continues to be inverted.

When I sent the console code, did that change something in the Controller? If so, how do I reset?

This was likely caused by an incorrect Origin setting in Edit->Device Settings.

Revert all GRBL settings to original and match the Origin setting on the PC as you have on Mac.

I didn’t change anything on the Mac. Does this mean the PC changed the CNC Controller?

The PC is not changing the controller. The $ commands are changing the controller. GRBL configuration is stored on the controller, not on your computer. Thus, they would be common and shared to all computers connecting to the controller.

Solved. I needed to read more. Sending codes to GRBL controller does change the settings. Excuse my newbieness.
I found where $3=X and how changing the X to 0 thru 7 can affect X, Y, and or Z depending on the number. Thank you

Understood. It doesn’t explain why Lighburn on PC behaves differently than the Mac. It would be nice to have one PC in the shop and not have to bring the Mac in just for Lightburn, but maybe I’ll look at this again when there is more time.
Thanks for the input.

In what way does it behave differently?

Z axis is flipped.

Compare Edit->Device Settings between your 2 computers. You likely have “Reverse Z Direction” enabled in one of them. Change to the desired configuration.

one thing to check is your $$ machine settings, sent $$ to the machine to list the settings, $3 should be equal to 4 if not, you can change it by sending $3=4

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