Suddently x-axis is moving to slow

Suddently, my sculpfun S9 has problems withbthe x-axis. When I turned it on today, and let frame or cut, it is moving on half speed. Images are getting to narrow.
Two days agi I used it and everything was fine :thinking:
Im wondering if I (or my cat?) touched somthing.
Device settings seem to be OK, also unplugged and plugged the cable.
Any Ideas? Thank you!!!

Above the original figure, below how it is lasered now

Do you possibly have the rotary enabled?

Additionally, check the mechanics, if everything runs smoothly: Guide to mechanical adjustments and maintenance
I also experienced some corrupted firmware settings for some users, so check the values of the steps/mm for that axis.

Thank for the tips.
Rotary is not enabled
I cleaned and tightend the belt. Now it runs very smooth on 45° test… But the problem is the same
Im not sure where to find the steps/mm adjustment. Is it this Windows?

I noticed diferent values on that (32 for x axis, 80for y).
Should I change this?

Yes, you should. Send “$101=80” in the console window. Or set it in the machine settings window, after closing the calibration window. That’s the reason for the incorrect movement.

It was $100=80 but now it works fine!

… wondering how I changed this accidentally?!?

Recently, I suspect LightBurn to change those values randomly somehow. Could be a bug. I got some reports of corrupted firmware settings, most people didn’t touch them ever.

Thanks for your help