Suggested Enhancement - Focus Prompt Before Starting the Burn

I was just thinking out load on Facebook and thought of an enhancement that could be added for those of us that have to manually focus our lasers. Could you include a feature that could be disabled that doesn’t need/want it to have a pop-up prompt asking to confirm that we have focused the laser before proceeding. This would be a great way to remind us to focus before starting the burn.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried the comments box feature. That can be set to appear at the beginning of the job as a reminder. Look under the “File” menu. I use this for the exact reason you are talking about.



I tend to avoid anything completely repetitive like that, because it just becomes second nature to dismiss it. You’d like it for a little while, then grow to hate it as every single tweak / re-send of a job prompted you again to make sure you were focused.

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I’m not seeing any option for comments. I do see something that says “Show Notes” but that looks like it would only give you a popup when you open the file.

That is why I suggested that you would have the option to turn it off in Settings.

That’s the feature I was referring to. I use it for focus and kerf etc just so I can check before I run

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