Suggestion For LightBurn Camera

Please consider including three (or four so there is a spare) appropriate diameter mounting screws with nut and washer. These are not easy to find. My nearby big box stores only go down to M3. The next two stops at local hardware stores didn’t have what I needed. Going to have to drive across town to another and hope the person on the phone was correct about their stock.

If you buy these in bulk, they will be less than $1 to add and most likely will not increase your shipping. I would pay $5 more just to not have to phone stores and drive around.

I had the same problem but found some that would fit at my local hardware store (Ace). I had to ask someone and it took them a few minutes to find them. The larger places (e.g. the homeless despot) would not have anything that small.

I just hot glued mine to it’s backing piece. :man_shrugging:

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I hot glued mine too as a first step last night but it came loose so I am going to attempt to find screws. If that doesn’t become a reality, I will try hot gluing again.

I created a clamshell of acrylic that’s a snug fit, and screwed those together. I didn’t want to put screws through the camera itself, as over-tightening could warp the board and pop components off. Probably over-cautious on my part, but the goal was to get these into people’s hands quickly while I figure out a proper solution for an enclosure.

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This is a better version of what I have:

And a tiny bit of silicone on each end would set slower than hot glue, and likely be easier to remove.