Suggestion - More Tags for Specific Hardware Items/Categories

Lightburn team- great idea to move this to a forum!!! Way easier to track things…

I am looking for information on troubleshooting broken down by hardware. While all the topics tend to do well to stick in this category, or have a tag to a specific category (and search function that does works quite well as an alternative too)… have you thought of creating more tags?

I am searching for x-carve/jtech laser troubleshooting using lightburn (tried on windows 10 and OSX-latest) and thought more CNC machine or Laser hardware tags would be a great add.

Thanks for all the time your customer service team spend on helping us all get the best out of your very intuitive software!

I look forward to spreading what I learn with this community.

I’ve enabled tagging, which should allow users with the “standard” trust level to create new tags, and anyone to use them. I’ll fill in some basic ones to start with.

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I figured I was missing something. Again thank you for all you guys do!

Can’t wait to learn from everyone here.