Support UTF-8 encoding in console's send window

When I send languages from other countries in the console, only 0x3F is sent.Any ideas?

You are sending it to the controller. Is the controller multi-language capable? What specifically are you sending? GRBL has a very limited command language.

What else does the controller show for a response?

I believe the issue occurs before it reaches the controller. Before this step, commands sent through Lightburn with unsupported languages are automatically converted to 0x3F (as detected using Bushound), Equivalent to sending โ€˜?โ€™. As a result, the controller returns the current status.
For example, when my SSID contains Japanese, German, French, or other languages, like: $sta/ssid=ใ“ใ‚“ใซใกใฏ, Lightburn converts it to $sta/ssid=???. Yes, my controller supports multiple languages, so I believe it might be that the send window only supports ASCII encoding. Thank you for your response.

You can enter a Feature Request to state your need.

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