Surface Pro 8 compatibility issues

Have a MS Surface Pro 8 that I do most of my designing on - because of it’s portability. However, when I try and look at my materials library, I get this annoying line through the bottom part so I can’t see some of the categories.
Picture below of this and my Art Library that doesn’t do this. Any thoughts on how to resolve this? I’ve found work arounds so ultimately it’s only an annoyance at this point.

Material Library:

Art Library:

Perhaps try resetting window layout from Window->Reset to Default Layout.

Or else it could be something to do with Art Library being docked in the same pane as Material Library, or perhaps that a long list in Material Library. When I tested this it wasn’t a problem. However, I don’t have a material list that fills the full vertical space.

Other thing is that this could be a drawing artifact related to your graphics driver. May want to see if there’s an update available.

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