SVG cutting jagged

I have uploaded multiple svg to light burn. They all cut jagged. I have researched and done everything I can find but it’s still continuing to cut jagged. Any suggestions on how to fix this ?

Thank you.

Can you share some photos of the jagged cuts?

Also, if you can upload the .lbrn file that’s ideal or else a full screenshot of LightBurn with the file loaded and cut settings showing please.

Hard to react without a photo of the actual jaggies in the burn but some immediate reactions:

  1. The speed of 6000 mm/m is quite fast. That could be beyond your machine’s capability. Even if it was within the capability you’d need to make sure it was well tuned to perform at those speeds. Belt tension is going to be important. Suggest you start in the 500 mm/m range until you get a better sense of how your laser performs.
  2. You’ve named the device GERBEL. If you’ve taken the default this could mean that you picked a GERBEL device type. This would be incorrect for your machine. It should be configured as a GRBL device.

I am purchasing the svg. I have changed the speed to 500 and the same thing happened. I will try to reconfigure the device. I bought this from someone just recently and am just learning to use it.

Thank you

Isn’t the actual pattern itself jagged and thus the laser is just following the pattern as expected? That is what it looks like in your two pictures when I look at them closely. It is almost like the vector was created from a poorly created trace of a jpeg file or similar. Maybe it is just something about your systems graphics rendering that is creating the aliasing I am seeing, but I drew something similar at the same size and didn’t get/can’t see those jagged edges.

As requested earlier, please post your .lbrn file so we can narrow down the possible issues instead of just guessing.

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