SVG, Engraving the white spaces

Hello, i have some svg files id like to engrave but instead of the outlines, i would like to engrave the white spaces. creating almost an enamel pin like surface?

i am using the attached picture and runningBlacksmith it through this site.

Sorry but I am not understand your description of “engrave the white space” nor of the desired “enamel pin like surface” output. Can you please rephrase and maybe show a picture of the output you would like to achieve. Can you show an example?

What i want to achieve is in the following pictures. i want to engrave a piece of wood, i want to engrave everything but the outlines so that it takes it down a few mm leaving the outlines intact so i could fill them with paint.

first picture is one i found on instagram but user doesnt share info, second is a 3d printed version of what i want to achieve but id like to do it from wood

If you have it as an image with black lines, white fill, and a transparent background, you’d just tick the “Negative Image” button in the image scanning settings. If it’s vector artwork, you’d need to add an outer line to the design to set a border, but that would be it.