SVG File loads but nothing there but 3 small squares

I have an SVG file that says it’s loaded but there are only 3 small squares that show up. But the cuts and layers box shows 3 layers for cutting and engraving. I have a similar file that loads just fine. Can you tell me what’s going on?IMG_4194

Awesome!! Thank you. Didn’t even think about that because the other file is almost identical and it showed right up in the grid. But that worked. Still learning.

You may have the original coming from different settings, and thus they import at different sizes. Could this be what you are seeing?

Yes, what does that mean? I originally used the file with my Glowforge, which used inkscape but now using my Omtech with Lightburn. But I had another file that is almost identical and it came up fine. What do I need to do to correct it?

I am just making you aware that different programs can generate files at different DPI and scale. You should be able to resize to your desired output using drag handles or the edit boxes at the top.

Oh I see. I gotcha. Thanks.

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