Svg file not burning the way I want

I have a svg file that is not burning the way i need it to. All i’m getting is a 100% fill.
501 clan-2

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Can you post the file here please? The one your using and the LightBurn file please. I’d wager you have another duplicate file on top of the current one.

It worked for me with the downloaded image and drag and drop.

If you’re willing to share your lbrn file we might see a setting that’s causing it.

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The attached SVG file looks good to me. @LaserWillie might be onto something.

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I want to thank all of you for the quick reply’s. I went back the the Preview screen and clicked on the “Shade according to power” and the file started burning correctly. I have no idea why but it’s burning the way I need it!!! :grinning: :thinking: :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Thanks All,



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