SVG in lighburn is looking different compared to browser/finder svg

Im using a simple script html/js to generate an SVG with 9 rectangles for my engraving template.
Inside those 9 rectangles there are 9 names. Those names are centered inside the rectangle and are looking great no matter where I open the SVG (browser, SVG viewers, inkscape and etc).

The issue is that once I open them in Lighburn, the names are getting misaligned, what might be causing this?

SVG opened in browser: Screenshot by Lightshot
Same SVG in lighburn:Screenshot by Lightshot

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. With the current release of LightBurn (1.4.00), we handle the ‘alignment-baseline’ tag, but not ‘dominant-baseline’. Support for this tag has just been added and will be in the next release - targeted to go into beta next week. :slight_smile:

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