Svg or dxf export and nesting problem - holes in svg, size in dxf (deepnest 1.0.5, LightBurn 1.2.0)

hi there, I have problem with LB/DN compatibility with export/import of DXF and SVG files. SVG files exported from LB don’t contain holes in shapes (holes are “out of shapes” but not as objects, but just somewhere in space), even when they are grouped with the original shape. DXF format is better, but when importing to deepnest, all shapes are smaller than originals (1260 vs 1080mm, 50vs 40mm and so on). I use milimeters as import units, my LB uses milimeters too.
I’m in hard situation - one format uses shapes without holes, other format reads holes properly, but does smaller shapes, so I can’t nest to my formats.

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