SVG scaling (same question as posted in August of 21)

I am seeing the exact same issue as was posted in the forum last Aug 21. My SVG imports are being upscaled by exactly 33%. The thread ended without a solution being posted. Fortunately there is a easy workaround but it is still an issue.

How are your SVG files being generated? If it’s not specified in the file itself SVG DPI is assumed to be 96 DPI. I actually haven’t tested to see if LB respects the DPI setting but it should work.

I’m guessing your SVG is in 72 DPI and you have the SVG import setting at 96 DPI. That would account for the 33% size increase.

Either fix your export or switch the SVG import option in LB to 72 DPI.


Unlike the person who posted in the other thread, changing the TPI did work for me. I guess I should have tried it be for posting another thread here. Thanks for the help!

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