Swap axis on ruida/LB

Greetings , is there a way to “change axis” in LB ? My x axis limit switch circuit blew up. it does not recognize that its reached limit/ home. there is a physical defect on the board- Y axis is fine. I was wondering if there was a way I could “re-map” the x axis to Z or U so it
thinks- behaves" that its X but using the z or u limit ckt.

The controller itself doesn’t allow this. I wanted to use Z or U for the rotary axis, but it’s very rigid about what types of commands are allowed and where.

Yea i see your point. My system ( generic blue/white) has a separate fixture with its own motor for the rotary that you connect to the Y motor control ckt via a 5 pin connector ( disables the one motor and runs its own motor on the fixture ) so i was hoping/thinking- i could use the U motor/limit ckt section as i dont do at the moment have auto focus .

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