Swapped to a new computer now the Ruida controller just beeps

I upgraded to a new computer and installed lightburn on the new one. The computer recognizes the Ruida controller it’s just when I press start the control panel just beeps three times and says “finished” like it does at the end of a project but never starts. It immediately beeps 3 times when I press start. The older computer works fine with it but the new one does not. I can’t seem to figure out why it thinks it’s finished when it doesn’t even move the laser head. Just beeps 3 times and says finished on the control panel. I’m running a 100w Chinese engraver with Ruida controller and the latest lightburn software release on both computers.

You’ve most likely got something configured differently on the new computer. You can copy your existing configuration from your old computer over to the new one. On the old computer, do a File/Open Prefs Folder. There will be a file in there called prefs.ini. Copy that file to a thumb drive. Do the File/Open Prefs folder on the new computer. Then, CLOSE LightBurn. This is required for this to work. Then, copy that prefs.ini file and overwrite the one on the new computer. Open LightBurn back up and your config will be identical to the old computer. See if that resolves your issues.

You are awesome, thank you it worked. I knew it had to be something simple but yet I’ve broke my brain for 2 weeks trying to find why lol. But yes thank you so much it worked.

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