Switch USB Relais on/off via Lightburn


Is there an interface in the program to control relays? For example via USB or radio.
If not, wouldn’t that be an idea?
Or would that already be possible with air assist? Whereby this is also built into me. I cannot occupy it. O:-)

I would like to start my exhaust system when it starts burning and then switch it off again. For example with a freely definable lag.

With the first version, the signal only needs to output 5 volts to switch the relay on/off. Should be “pretty easy”. (?)
The second example requires code. Not easy.

With the USB version I thought of something like this (there are definitely better ones):

I currently switch by hand with radio-controlled sockets. If the burning lasts longer and you don’t stand by, then the system runs for free and blows the good air out of the window. : - /
In addition, it is not necessarily quiet and annoying when it runs constantly (unused, even worse).

You could also switch the light on / off. (Lighting or warning light)
Or a compressor or pump.

many greetings

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Your controller should be able to control a relay

I didn’t see anything during the last disassembly. I would have to investigate again whether 5 volts are present for the signal when the laser starts.

But then the relay always switches. Even if it shouldn’t or doesn’t need to. That is why it would make more sense using software.

this is accomplishing the same thing on the Eleksmaker board: Air assist wiring on Eleksmaker A3

It should lead you in the right direction.

M8 is the default command to switch air on and off.

Thank you, that sounds interesting.
Only then would the air assistant be obsolete or occupied.
I am not yet sure how the connection with the Ortur LM works. : - /
I read more…

Another embarrassing question.
Where do I connect the Adurino? Can it be inserted into a USB hub and how is it recognized by Lightburn?
He must have loaded a program for sure.

I think I lost the thread. Will have to sleep over it again :slight_smile:

(I happen to have a replica left. Originally it was supposed to be a learning project for me and the children. → Tonuino ;-). Only they are no longer interested in it. Could be good for her dad :sweat_smile: )

I want to warm that up again.

Would the original question be possible or feasible with the software? Without using M8.

Is there still a description of how to tap the controller for a relay? Unfortunately, I didn’t quite understand that in the link with the Eleksmarker. :-/

I don’t have a diode machine and don’t know your controller, sorry,

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