Switched from C02 to Diode and can't get running

Hi, I had a CO2 laser and used Ruida…got rid of of it and now have a dpss from Endurance on a Eleksmaker A3. I can get it to recognize, but not to move it or fire. I am totally new to diode…but could it be possible that the lightburn I purchased for the C02 is not the one I need to be using now?

I believe there are two variants of Lightburn, one for DSP controllers and one for GCode.

Lightburn licence is for the controller in this case a dsp so nothing wrong there.

Did you use lightburn with the ruida when you had the co2 connected?

Yes I did…I thought maybe since I have a different set up now the ruida lightburn license and software I have may not be the correct one…I know they offer two.

so what did you change that the machine doesnt move any more?

Nothing-I don’t have a CO2 anymore, I have a dpss diode with an Eleksmaker a3 frame…so totally different set up. Lightburn will recognize it but that is it.

and do you use external stepper drivers for your motors?

No, endurance and eleksmaker said the a3 is set up for diodes, so the stepper drivers should be sufficient for the laser.

ah, sorry thought you still had the ruida.
If you use the eleksmaker which grbl do you have installed on it?

I just upgraded per lightburn article to 1.1f

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