Switched from Ruida to K40

What is the procedure to follow, after I have sold me Black and red Pizza oven, and bought a small K40 to keep my hands busy…

How do I switch my software from DSP to K40 gcode?

You just have to add the appropriate device. The DSP version includes the gcode version.

Thank you!

I get the new tiny box in about three days… It’s been a month without the pizza oven… I need my Laser fix…lol! I’m completely jones’ing here…

The K40 stock controller isn’t supported by LightBurn, so you’d need to change the controller to use it. You said “K40 gcode” in the original post, but the standard K40 board isn’t gcode, so I’m just making sure.

I bought this little POS… just to keep me occupied,

Please let it be supported!?

Nope, I don’t think so. You’re the second guy this week to do this that I’ve seen.

Your options are basically dropping in a Cohesion3D board, which is basically a direct replacement, but a gazillion times better and runs with LB, or a Ruida board which isn’t drop in, and won’t likely come with any support, other than maybe here and some awful FB groups.

You could also maybe put in some GRBL-compatible controller that would be cheaper, but you’d lose out on features compared to the C3D.

And not that you would, but you’ll have a better time if you don’t get belligerent with the people here, because you spent money before doing research. And I mean this with the best of intentions.

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Nah, I think i wil learn the software it comes with then… Figured I just re-upt my license for LB, hopefully it was supported… oh well no worries. I still use LB for design purposes.

Not to phased by the new toy not being supported.

@Peter why did you get rid of your old red black pizza oven?

sold it to a non - profit school… It was sitting here for a long time with no work… and of course… now I want to play around… so I picked up a tiny shoe box.

I use my Fibers 24/7, so this really is just something to play with…

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What do you create with your fiber laser?

This and That, mostly stuff with Non-disclosure agreements :wink:

Our next acquisition for our business will be a MOPA . Just curious what type is yours?



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