Switching Laser ports on a single tube machine

I have two Bescutter 51’s. 130W tubes. On one, it has started firing the tube at 100% no matter the setting. I have spoke with the manufacturer and found the solution. We changed the plug from CN5 to CN6 and tested it with his version of RDworks. But he had to change it fire laser 2 in RDworks. I am trying to do the same from LB, but the tube won’t fire when the job is sent to the controller. I have looked every where to see if there was a similar setting to RDworks, but I can’t find one. In the laser control panel, I have the multitube on. Please help as I am dead in the water until we get this corrected!

as far as I know LB can only control two lasers at the moment in connection with a Trocen Awc708C.
Rudia DSP can control two or more lasers via RD Works.

Both lasers are not connected. This issue would be similar to a dual tube laser. We just switched the communication port on the control panel and i need to know what to change in Lightburn to get it to fire that port instead of the first port.

LB cannot do that with Rudia DSP, only with AWC 708C.

Light burn support says there should be a laser 2 control on the software. Waiting for an email back now.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed

but don’t you want to get to the bottom of why the laser is operating at 100% power for no reason.

It’s operating at 100%, just one of the communication ports went bad. I have it fixed now with LB Support help. Thank you for your help also!

Not true - LightBurn supports dual tube output with Ruida controllers.

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