Switching lens from 2" to 2.5" will affect the autofocus accuracy?

I’m a new owner of a Boss LS-1416 and I’m using LlghtBurn. I want to swap the current 2" with a 2.5" to get a better cut. Boss included some additional laser nozzles to use with different lens size, one for the 2" one for a 2.5" and one for a 4" lens.To have the auto-focus set the correct focus also with 2.5" lens would be enough replacing the current nozzle with the one made to use with the 2.5" lens or other settings need to be changed in the controller for the auto-focus to work correctly with the new lens?

I would expect you to specify the new height in the machine system otherwise you will continue with the old focus distance.
( 2"=50.8mm 2.5"=63.5mm)

Can I input the new value by using LightBurn? There is a setting in the “machine setting” in LightBurn under the Miscellaneous section labeled “Focus Distance” (in RDworks it seem to be called Focus Depth) with a current value of 10.900 is this the focus value for the 2" lens? Do I need to change it with the one for the 2.5"? How do I find the correct focus distance value?

I have no knowledge of your machine but would like to think that the new focus distance itself should be inserted into your Laser.
Wait a bit and there will definitely be a qualified statement from someone with the same machine.

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