Switching x to y

Wondering if i can switch the axes in LB? (no flipping!) axis Y should be X

Using a ob cnc with Mach4,

yes i can do this in Mach, but i have to switch every time then.

For the post i use the grbl (works fine, only the overscan doesn’t work as should)


The only way to exchange the X and Y axis would be to physically do it at the controller. Why would you want to exchange them? I can not think of any reason why I would do that. :slight_smile:

My cnc is setup like that. (spindle is on the Y… for few reasons)
Want to avoid switching stuff if i want to engrave after a cut. Keeping things (easy) aligned.

I understand at some point there is a good reason to switch. However !

You really need to switch the Y off the spindle on your CNC to get it back to the Cartesian standard, otherwise you will be having all these problems forever.

All new software such as LightBurn are built on Cartesian and make machine to machine control standard as well.

Personally I would recommend standardised systems.

Take a look at this


not an option, otherwise i have to change the positions of my A drive & trunnion :slight_smile:

tested allot of laser soft. last days (some have the option to switch the axis) but really like this one :slight_smile:


Can you switch to smoothie Harry?

If so then you can change the config file to switch over the pins for each stepper.

no, running PoKey/Mach4

Best option is making a second Mach4 startup for the laser, then i have only to close & reopen Mach4.

But, maybe hookup a uno/cnc shield, to get rid of the few gcode flaws. :slight_smile:


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