Symulacja a rzeczywista praca lasera (Simulation and actual laser work)

Witam .Mam pytanie gdzie w ustawieniach wyregulowac predkosc grawerowania . rozni sie ona od rzeczywistej predkosci a symulacji . Laser Neje A40640 sterowniki zapodzialem ale jest obsluga GRBL

Hello. I have a question where to adjust the engraving speed in the settings. it is different from the actual speed and the simulation. The Neje A40640 laser drivers are lost, but there is GRBL support

Simulation estimate time is based on the settings present in Edit-Device Settings->Additional Settings. The settings on that tab are purely for time estimates and do not affect actual operation. You can tune those parameters if you’re finding that actual time isn’t matching estimated time.


Rzeczywisty czas nie odpowiada nawet dwu i trzy krotnie ,zalezy co wykonuje …

The real time does not correspond to even two or three times, it depends on what it does …

Yes. That’s possible. Many things can affect the real-world ability for your laser to match the specifications. You may want to first try reading parameters from the controller. Your controller has speed limits that may not be reflected in the current parameters.

wlasnie mam problem ze sterownikami mojej plytki ktora dokupilem na Amazon , okazalo sie ze dolaczone usb nie wczytuje sie i nie moge doinstalowac sterownikow ustawiam wszystko reczne , a nazywa sie Motherboard Treiber Controller Board Modul für Lasergravurmaschinen mit T-Kabel sprzedawca nie odpowiada na wiadomosci . a w google nic nie znalazlem

I just have a problem with the drivers for my board that I bought on Amazon, it turned out that the included USB does not load and I can not install the drivers, I set everything manually, and it is called Motherboard Treiber Controller Board Modul für Lasergravurmaschinen mit T-Kabel, the seller does not respond to the message. and in google I did not find anything

How are you burning if you cannot connect to the controller?

Is this the board that you’re using:
Motherboard Driver Controller Board Module for Laser Engraving Machines with T Cable : DIY & Tools

If so, looks like a standard generic Arduino Nano based board and is likely to use CH340 chip for USB.

Check here for driver:
CH341SER.ZIP - NanjingQinhengMicroelectronics (

to juz zainstalowalem oraz GRBL hex z xloade teraz walcze z ustawieniem maszyny dziekuje za szybka pomoc

I have already installed it and GRBL hex with xloader is now struggling with the machine setup, thank you for quick help

Are you having any specific issue with machine setup? Lasergrbl has a pretty good page about configuration.