System Reset Error

I’ve got a problem that I’m hoping someone can help me troubleshoot. I have a custom build 75W laser with a Ruida RDC6445G controller. I’ve had it for about two years now with relatively few problems.

A few weeks ago one of my laser water tubes came off during a run and leaked water in the laser. After fixing the water problem I had sparks come out of the back of the laser tube when doing a cutting pass… So I took the laser tube out, cleaned everything up, and put the laser tube back in with fresh electrical tape on my connections. I haven’t had any problems with arcing since then, but now when I do runs with cutting passes the laser will reset after cutting two shapes. I can’t figure out why the system is resetting. I’m not sure if it’s related to the water problem I had or if it’s something else.

Here’s the message I get on the Ruida display:

System Resetting

I have water protect enable turned off.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Is your tube OK? Usually when you have an arc, it’s because the tube is failing…

As far as I know if the controller is resetting, I would look for a dip in supply voltage. I don’t know how else you can reset a Ruida…


I’ve been wondering about the tube, but it’s not arcing anymore. How would you go about testing it?

Does the machines optics, mirrors and focus work OK?

It sounds like your power supply for the Ruida is dropping causing a power reset, the Ruida should advise you that it’s a problem with power.

Usually on a power fail, the Ruida gives you an option to recover. What is the console of the Ruida ‘say’?


Yeah, the optics are all fine.

Here’s what I see on the display:

System Resetting


X/Y Resetting . . .


If Restart at PowerOff

Continue press Enter
Cancel press Esc

I just noticed that LED #12 (Link) on the Ruida flashes briefly when the system resets. The manual indicates that this is related to ethernet connection, but I don’t have ethernet connected right now. Would this have any connection to my problem?

On another note, I seem to not have problems when I’m using lower power settings… Which would probably indicate a power supply problem like you had said.

This is what the Ruida does when it has a power failure, gives you the option of continuing the job. Does this occur at the identical place or near it every time?

I’d look for something mechanical, such as a short in an area that moves. Drag chains and such.

I don’t follow the X/Y reset it’s complaining about, so it might be related.

The Ruida runs on 24V, so it would have to drop that supply voltage low enough for the Ruida to get into the power fail mode. Where ever you look, I’d chase down the 24V lines first.

I would run the offending job with the lps off and see if it resets without the lps being involved.

This is ok for diagnostics, but it’s not a good idea to get used to running that way. Coolant flow is critical to good operation and if you have fixed it, enable the wp circuit.

Yes, it’s lit up when the controller is connected and reflected in the control panel in the lower right. The ‘run’ led I think flashes all the time, I’d have to look. As long as LED #13 is not illuminated, you’re probably OK.


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