T1 and T2 is Crashing Lightburn when selected

Hey guys, need a Tech to check into why my lightburn is crashing when I select the T1 or T2 in it, also since the update mine has been saying 30 and 31 instead of T1 and T2. I have not tried using the Tools since the update so not sure if it is an update issue or software maybe corrupted. All other things are working great.

This is not what we want. Thank you for reaching out to report this.

Do you get a crash report of any kind you can post back? What can you tell us about the environment? System, OS (version), LightBurn version (version number and OS), and as best you can, exact steps of what you were doing when the crash happened.

We are wanting to see if we can reproduce on our end, so as much detail as you can provide is helpful. :slight_smile:

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