>>>> Tab Size <<<<

Wanted to change all layers to tab size = 1
Replaced all from 0.1 to 1 but still see 0.1 in cut settings editor (lightburn closed while changing and saving file). editing this value in editor and relaunch lightburn works, but not when i edit the library file.

tabSize Value=“0.1”
tabSize Value=“1”

            <tabSize Value="1"/>
            <tabCount Value="-1"/>
            <tabSpacing Value="1"/>


What am I doing wrong?
Should I edit prefs.ini file instead?
Is there a different way to change all?

I’m a little confused exactly what you are trying to do.

Can you expand on this? Step by step what you are doing and exactly what files you are editing.

No biggie, I was editing the *.clb Library file expecting to see the change i made to the tab size across all entries by replace all but this did not work.


Cut library entries are completely distinct from your layer color preferences. The layer color prefs are stored in prefs.ini.

That worked.
Changed all tab sizes under my new default names i gave all 30 layers (* * * *).