Table tops in my free time

Had some free time and tried my hand at table tops.
When cleaned up they are covered with 1/8" plexiglass also cut on the laser along with the screw location.
The tops are 24" x1" thick from homedepot. This was done with 150/180 watt laser.


Great work… :+1:


After wire brushing the black it brought out the grain of the wood.

Those look awesome man for sure, but I’m curious, how long were the engrave times? looks like it would take a whole lot of hours.


Not sure how long I would say
Well over an hour or so. When I get back in 3 months I could give you a more accurate number.


Fish.lbrn (576.7 KB)

Did you cut the circle with your laser also? I looked for 24” x 1” table tops and there were none online. So I am assuming that you bought 24” square plywood and cut the circle with the laser, too. I only have a 60 watt laser, so I am not sure, even with my 4” lens, if I can cut this thick of plywood.

You don’t need to cut through the 18/25mm wooden top with the laser, just cut a template circle the size you want out of 6 or 9mm MDF, then pin it to the underside of the wooden top and use a router with a bearing trimmer to cut the thicker wood. (trim the wood to almost the circle size, leavig about 2mm to trim allround)

I bought it at homedepot its pine you can always end glue some planks or buy some used barrel top. I have done that also and it smells good.

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