Tablet use, will it work?

I’m looking to get say an 8 inch tablet, to run lightburn, so I can queue up jobs, whilst I’m out and about.

I understand LB could possibly work on a windows or Linux tablet?

Anybody tried this successfully?
How does the screen resolution look, is it workable?


For a cheap solution I would try running a remote desktop, that could be done from an Android tablet. Not sure how usable it really is tho.

Interesting idea, might look at this. Still keen to try a windows tablet

As long as it’s not an ARM based Windows tablet. They are still pretty rare, but Microsoft seems to keep trying to release them :stuck_out_tongue: But any x86-based machine should run Lightburn. However, note that:

  • The UI isn’t really designed for touch screen usage.
  • an 8" Windows tablet is going to be pretty darn slow. So LightBurn performance will not be great.

Do not confuse ARM with Atom processor.

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I run it on a cybermed i5 medical tablet computer with 8 gig ram, solid state drive and Windows 10 no problem. The active pen works for a lot of things but I use a mouse too. I do most of my drawing on my Mac and transfer things to the tablet to plug it into the laser and my camera. I got the windows tablet to be able to use my camera.

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