Taking a lot of time rendering simple engraves

I have a file ready to engrave and cut several small pieces of wood: 60 circles and ~80rectangles.
One out of three, has a engraved design.
The file size on disk is about 20 MB: at this point I don’t know if it’s too large.

When I try to send it to the laser, or do a preview, the slider jump to 20% and then starts rising by 1% every 30 seconds or so.

the funny part is that if I select 1/4 or even of the objects, it renders in a matter of seconds. However, when I select 1/2 of the objects (all circles, for example), the rendering slows down as I described above.

Here is the link to the file, should someone like to download it.

The design was created on Corel Draw, exported as SVG and imported on Lightburn.
If I export a single iterarion of the design from Corel, and then duplicate the objects from within Lightburn, the same hapens-

My Machine:
AMD Ryzen5 3400G 3.70 Ghz with Radeon Vega GPU
16 Gb of RAM
M.2 drive
Windows 10

This maybe?

What did I do? Suddenly “Start” is taking an exceptionally long time (to start)

Just checked and Ramp Lenght is 0.

However, I went back to Corel ,and found each “simple item” i was trying to engrave is actually composed of 138 objects, grouped into 21 groups. Not simple at all.

Decided to raster them into bitmaps and was able to render the entire file in 1 second.
However, when I was still using the vectorized file, I found out that changing fill settings to “fill all shapes at once” allowed me to instantly render half of the file.

Looks like the I maxed the max capacity of objects of Lightburn, if that makes any sense.
(Took a look at my PC’s memory usage and thare were 12Gb free, and CPU was working at 14% while rendering.)

I downloaded the file, opened it in LightBurn, and previewed. I did nothing else. It took my system 1 second to render the preview. I have nothing special of a system (an older i7 3770).

Changes were made in 0.9.12 that added a progress bar to rasterizing so if you had ‘ramp’ mode enabled you could tell that’s what was taking the time. Displaying a progress bar had the side effect of allowing the rest of the system to process window events when it updates, and that can include repainting the main edit window. If you have a selection, the animating dashed lines get repainted fairly often, and drawing a complicated design takes time, so that ended up making the path building slower.

This is all fixed for the 0.9.14 release which we’ll have out shortly.

I normally use the “Cut selected graphis” option, even if I am cutting the entire file.
Will check in a while if selecting stuff is the cause. Thanks.

– Edit: Tried doing the same without selecting objects, and it rendered immediately. Thanks a lot.

As I said, this is fixed for the next release, but the selection right now is making it worse.

Thanks a lot. It feels really nice to be backed up by you.

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