Talk to the remote, aka, where is this feature?

This might be an existing feature, one I’m unable to locate. If not, it becomes a desired feature and should be transported to the appropriate forum?

The above image shows the User tab and the specific section for turning on the mobile remote speed shift and for setting the different values.

Is this access available via Lightburn? I’ve wandered about within the program, but didn’t click the right spot, or maybe it’s a future development?


I don’t have the wireless speed panel settings exposed yet. I did most of the initial work on LightBurn using RDWorks 8.01.18, and those settings didn’t exist at that time. They are set in the controller, so changes made in RDWorks will still be valid when using LightBurn. I’ll make a note to get them added.

It’s good to know that I’m not completely lost in finding features in the software, thanks.

I’m using .18 of RDWorks, as I’ve not wanted to risk moving to more recent versions. That’s becoming less and less important as I become more comfortable with LightBurn.