Tavern mirror experiment

(Allen Massey) #21

Thanks. It did take some time each pass was about 20 minutes.

(Joe claudio) #22

are you “raster engraving” or vector cutting ? what color did you you use for the “burn”? … for something like that i would run it as a vector- it will follow the line “stand alone” not go back and forth back and forth back and forth … i think the terms are scan/sweep in settings … seems like to much time to do that … IMHO …

as I recall , this took like 5 minutes to do , was a combination of a raster scan and vector cut- first pass was a vector cut of the outline of the letters , then was raster engrave to “fill” the letters … It was done in corel, changed the properties of the text to “fill” … red line for the vector and black for the fill…

(Allen Massey) #23

The only way to fill the letters is to scan the image. Line vectors (line) will only create the outlines of the letters and will usually give poor results on this type of project. My scan speed was 300 mm/sec. It will take the time it takes. It’s not like I am running a production line for these.

I think I used a light shade of green, the one between a Chartreuse an a lightly blue purple. Of course the color of the layer makes absolutely no difference at all. I define what ever color I choose to do what I need it to do.

Your picture looks like clear acrylic, not a mirror. Acrylic goes much faster than a mirror.