Teacher needs help :) New Atomstack A20 moves in tiny steps and laser wont power up

Greetings Everyone! I am a special needs high school teacher and after 4 years, we finally had the budget to buy a laser for our tech classes!
I’ve been working for days to get it running, with no luck.
Every time I try to cut, the laser head moves so slow it looks like its almost standing still. The laser itself never fires. After countless hours on google, I’m stuck. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. The kids are so fired up to use it and so far it’s a no go. Thanks in advance!

Have you adjusted speed and power in Cut Settings? You should be able to adjust speed (preferably in mm/min for your laser) and power %.

If yes, can you take a full screenshot of LightBurn with Cut window and Laser window showing and post here?

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