Teaching hardware to Lightburn

I may be totally off base here. Is there a Hardware abstraction layer in LIghtburn? How do I teach it how many pulses per rotation of my steppermotors?

I built my table as a cnc milling table, (linuxcnc) I would like to increase its functuionality as a laser table. I am quite willing to install a specific usb compatable break out board that is compatible with Mac and Lightburn.
Suggestions? I will still need to teach it pulse rate and a few other things.
There was a Dec 29 posting but not quite what I needed.
THank you all

LightBurn talks different protocols that need a firmware on the other side that understands those commands. In DIY environments, this is usually grbl firmware, based on Arduino/Atmega mainboards. LB only sends a command like “move 10mm”, the rest is done in the firmware. So you need to use a grbl compatible board or build one, put grbl firmware on it, configure grbl correctly (that’s where you set the steps/mm etc.) and then you can use LB to control it.

THank you Melvin.


It really depends on what controller you have in the machine… if Lightburn will operate it properly.

Linuxcnc, is this not grbl or gcode based?

Lightburn support most of the basic grbl or gcode machines and if it will run with the open source gcode senders it should operate with Lightburn.

All stepper values are stored in variables within the controller and you can set these values. Just like when you set it up for your cnc…

Good luck


I thought I might try installing the Linux Lightburn, poke around and see what I come up with. Linux is gcode

I have really enjoyed playing around with LIghtburns ability to import and trace. Something I have not managed in Fusion. Fusion is fantastic if you are a pro… I am not.


I was asking about Linuxcnc being a code sender… The os is not related to gcode…

It should run ok with Lightburn… I use it on Ubuntu.


I was typing faster than my brain was. Brain does not seem to function as well as it used to!
Linuxcnc that I use interprets gcode and makes the motors move. I have been using Kirimoto to generate paths and code.
My previous diy was a plasma table, I used Sheetcam and Linuxcnc. That would have made a nice big laser table, light construction, gantry could move quickly.

Lightburn should work for you. If you’re up enough to have things moving around, you can download a free 30 day trail of Lightburn and take it for a test drive.


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