Templates and "Zeroing"

I seemed to have ruffled a feather or two on my frustrating first night with lightburn. Sorry about that.
Any help with this would be appreciated:

What does it mean to “zero” the LM2?

Here I go again,
I’ve made some pretty good strides in just a week but I am super perplexed still.

I made a 3X2 4in coaster template that I burned into a piece of plywood under my laser.

*Everything is marked off
*The board is locked in place with clamps
*belts are at a good tension

Laser never goes to the same place every time. Seems like it should, no?
It’s almost always a “hair” or more off

Any advice is greatly appreciated

This may be the issue. There are more than one thing at play here. Your hardware, your firmware and your understanding of what LightBurn is, can do, and where to find information to help you understand how all play together. We do not make this hardware, we do not make this firmware.

We can help with understanding around all things LightBurn, that is why this forum exists. We also try to help out with the rest when we can.

I deleted that post. It started off in the wrong direction. I was hoping folks could gently get back to LightBurn question and answer time. It did not and so it is gone. Now, moving forward…

A properly configured machine with end stops or limit switches, will move to the x0, y0, z0 position when you first turn the laser system On. That position is known as “zeroed”. The process required for your laser is important to know. You will also want to understand how LightBurn knows where your head position is and how to move around the job as you desire.

Yes, it does and will. See above. :slight_smile:

We offer a set of documents and videos that should provide a solid understand of LightBurn. I suggest this is a good place to start and let us know how you get on. We are here to help.

Thanks Rick for your thoughtful reply. I appreciate it.

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If the machine is set properly, it should be repeatable. As a sanity check (mine, not yours) I told my Ortur to go to 150x, 150y, and made a dot by cranking up the ‘Fire’ button for a moment. Then I re-homed the machine, and did it again. The 2nd spot can’t be seen because it’s in exactly the same place as the first (at least as far as my eyes can tell).

If yours isn’t, your belts might need to be tightened a little, or one of the rollers might be loose - look for mechanical issues with the build, as anything loose or wobbling is going to be trouble when running a job.


Thanks a bunch, Oz!

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