Templates to set marking location

My application is for volume laser marking of products. There are about 10 distinct options of where marking is to be placed on the workspace but thousands of variations of the marking to be created in those areas. Is it possible to set up templates that only allow a pdf file, for instance, to be imported to set areas rather than allow the operator to put the marking anywhere in the work area?

Alternatively is there a way to control the importation of a pdf file so that it is automatically placed at a particular location?

Are you bound to using PDF?

Maybe not exactly what you had in in mind, but an idea: For your design templates and those files, it could be beneficial to bound the elements within a controlled area such as a box that corresponds to where the job is to be placed on the work area.

Here is an example:

Then you can reference the entire grouping in a specified corner (with the control there in the middle) to predictably move the job into a specific indexed location relative to your jig on the machine.

Thank you for your quick reply. As you have probably guessed, I am new to Lightburn. Your suggestion sounds like half of my solution with the other half being to use variable text in the controlled area and import the variable text from a csv file.

I think that with the help that you have given me I can see a way through to meeting my needs.

Thanks again!

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