Tengo el SculpFun S9, me ha ido de maravilla, solo quiero saber como hago para cortar Metacrilato de 2 mm, en color y transparente (I have the SculpFun S9, it has been great, I just want to know how I can cut 2mm methacrylate, in color and transparent)

¿Alguien puede compartir los parámetros para Corte de Metacrilato, 2 mm ? Gracias, tengos varios de MDF corte y grabado para compartir y algunas plantillas vectorizadas.


Can someone share the parameters for Acrylic Cutting, 2 mm? Thanks, I have several cut and engraved MDF to share and some vectorized templates.


If the laser passes through the clear acrylic it will not heat, cut or ablate it.
The cutting parameters will vary by color and manufacturers formulas.

You will be further ahead by testing to generate your own best results.

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