Terminales de limites

otra pregunta, tengo terminales de limites en x-y, es decir en dos angulos ¿se podria poner otros dos, en los otros angulos? ¿lo admite el programa, poniendolos en paralelo y con la misma conexion?
Another question, I have limit terminals in x-y, that is, in two angles. Could you put another two, in the other angles? Does the program support it, putting them in parallel and with the same connection?

In parallel if the contact is NO, in series if the contact is NC that is, using the same input connector. However, the board will never know which one was activated.
The ideal, and I don’t know if the board has it, would be an input connector for each switch. This way, the board would always know which of the switches was triggered.

This is configured by Build Option ‘T’:
This is the documented code where the Build Options are commented on.

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